How to DIY Kitchen Renovations with a Small Budget

When you need a d├ęcor change in your home, kitchen renovations are one of the easiest rooms to DIY because there are so many elements. And it’s a bonus that you don’t have to spend heaps of cash to make your kitchen look completely different and comfortable.

For example, you could use vinyl tile for versatility in colors and textures. You could also add smaller elements to cozy up your kitchen’s design, like a small hanging basket of your favorite flowers in front of the window above the sink.

vinyl tile

Need other DIY kitchen renovation ideas on a budget? Read on for more!

Gussy Up Your Old Cabinets with New Handles and Stain

Hardwood cabinets can be stained, stripped, and stained again several times before they show signs of wear. If your cabinets still have life left in them, consider a new stain, like cherry or ebony. Then invest in new handles to match. Going with cherry wood? Polished white handles would look beautiful!

Add Colorful Liners to the Bottoms of Your Cabinets and Drawers

Liners are typically made of either plastic or fabric. They are lain down at the bottom of cabinets or drawers for a surprising pop of softness and color. It’s like a little “tada” whenever you open your cabinets or drawers.

Maximize Storage with More Shelves and Labels

One of the best things you can have in your kitchen is a pantry. All of those shelves are just asking to be filled and organized, because the organization, especially in a kitchen, is good for great moods. However, if you need extra storage space without the clutter, more shelves can help you gain optimum area for your kitchen extras.

The average person spends half an hour in their kitchen daily, so you might as well make it cozy and comfy. Hopefully, these DIY kitchen renovation suggestions will give you a boost of inspiration!